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Trophies of the NCNH District

The Northern California-Nevada-Hawaii District of the American Rose Society separated from the District of California (Southern California became the Pacific Southwest District) in the 1940's. Our first full District Conference was held in San Francisco in 1947. A rose show was part of the meeting and all agreed that a rose show should always be a part of the annual Conference. Awards for the early rose shows were often monetary or small "keeper" items. The oldest perpetual trophy in the district is the J. Horace McFarland Trophy - first awarded in 1953. The following pages describe the individual trophy and include a photo of the trophy and a history of its winners:

Horticulture Trophies:

J. Horace McFarland Trophy

Ralph S. Moore Trophy

Clyde Stocking Memorial Trophy

Alfred Leloy Jr. Memorial Trophy

Laura Sutter Memorial Trophy

Dr. D. Jay Nichols Trophy

J. Harvey Brown Trophy

Ramona Stocking Trophy

American Rose Foundation Windsounds Trophy

Edwin & Darley Lisherness Trophy

All-America Rose Selection Challenge Class

Clay Morgan District Trophy

Dr. Howard I. Gallagher Memorial Trophy

Annette Dobbs Trophy

Esther K. Hughes "Peace" Trophy

Captain Harry Stebbings Trophy

Baptiste Michelis Memorial Trophy

Dr. Ron Brooks Perpetual Trophy

Clementina Monteleone Perpetual Trophy

Richard Tyson Memorial Trophy

District Director's Mini-Flora Trophy

Bill and Muriel Humenick Trophy


Arrangement Trophies:

Earl Parsons Trophy

Charles & Elaine Cochran Perpetual Trophy

Lucia Morgan Trophy

Ruby Cayere Perpetual Trophy

Martin J. Martin Trophy

District Director's Mini-Flora Arrangement Trophy

NCNH District Trophy List

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