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NOTE: With the new Standing Rule suggestion, there is a gap in the numbering between categories (GENERAL, AWARDS/TROPHIES, MEETINGS, DISTRICT SCHOOLS and SEMINARS) with the intention that new ones can be added, in the future, without having to renumber all Standing Rules.


1. These Standing Rules may be amended at any business meeting by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the District Council present, without prior notice.

2. Local society executive officers are expected to be ARS members.

3. The Criterion shall be published quarterly.

4. A Memorial Fund shall be maintained to help new societies get started. Donations may be made to this fund in memory of living or departed members, rosarians, and loved ones.

5. The newly elected District Director shall choose the installing officer for the Installation of the Deputy Director, Treasurer and Secretary.

6. The District Director, at the end of their term or at transition of the District Treasurer shall appoint a Financial Review Committee of two (2) or more persons to review the District financial records.

7. In the absence of the District Director the designated co-signers for District checks shall be the Deputy District Director or the Secretary who shall have their signature card on file with the District financial institution. No two people residing in the same household shall co-sign for District checks.

8. The District member of the National Nomination Committee shall provide a copy of the rules and guidelines for choosing a recipient of the District Silver Honor Medal to each Awards Committee member.

9. The District Treasurer shall be empowered to act as the single authority on unbudgeted disbursements up to two hundred and fifty dollars ($250), with the consent of the Executive Committee.

10. No unbudgeted expenses shall be incurred by the District without approval of the Executive Committee, except that the District Director may spend up to $100 in unbudgeted expenses subject to the subsequent approval of the Executive Committee.


20. The membership of the District Awards Committee shall not be held secret. Each member of the committee may request nominations of worthy individuals from their local society members; however, as stated in the American Rose Society (ARS) rules for selecting the recipient of the award, the individuals nominated and the vote shall remain secret from the local societies

21. District Rose Show Trophies shall be maintained by funds in a District Trophy Fund. Each local society is requested to contribute at least five dollars ($5.00) annually to this fund. A receipt will be provided by the District Treasurer upon request. Engraving fees for the trophies shall be paid out of this fund, as well as trophy repair and maintenance.

22. To donate a new trophy for a District Award, a proposal shall be presented to the District Trophy Chair for preliminary approval and consultation.

o Trophies must have a durable carrying case to protect the trophy and its base.

o The trophy and its case must weigh less than twenty-five (25) pounds and be easily portable.

o The trophy, case and criteria for the award shall be presented at the next business meeting for approval by the District Council.

o There shall be adequate room on the base for twenty (20) years of name plates.

o The trophy shall automatically become the property of the NCNH District.

23. The District Trophy Chair shall review and approve all District Rose Show schedules for proper wording and criteria for classes awarding District Trophies. The District Trophy Chair shall keep a record of all District trophy donors.


30. The first semi-annual business meeting in each year shall generally be held in the spring and the second business meeting shall coincide with the Rose Show and Conference which are typically held in the fall. The agenda for each business meeting shall be posted on the District website at least 30 days prior to the meeting.

31. Local societies are encouraged to host the Rose Show and Conference. It is recommended that the host society(s) use the Conference Guide Workbook and update it as soon as possible but no later than ninety (90) days after the conclusion of the Conference and be returned to the District Director.

32. The host society(s) for each business meeting shall provide a financial statement showing expenses and income involving the event(s) as soon as possible but no later than ninety (90) days after the conclusion of the meeting or December 31, whichever comes first.

33. The host society(s) for each business meeting shall provide meeting facilities of sufficient size and accessibility. The District shall reimburse the Host Society a maximum of $500 for the costs of the Spring Business Meeting.

34. The host society(s) for each business meeting shall provide registration, accommodations and meals to the District Director for the duration of the event, as needed.

35. The host society(s) for the District Conference and Rose Show shall pay to the District a fee of two dollars ($2.00) for each paid registrant at the time the financial statement is filed.

36. The President of each local rose society in the District shall notify the Secretary at least ten (10) days before the District meeting of the names of the voting representatives for that society.

37. Each voting representative from the local rose societies shall register with the Secretary upon arrival at the Business Meeting.

38. The manner of voting at the Business Meeting shall be determined by the presiding officer.

39. The Parliamentarian shall assist and advise at all Executive Committee and District Business meetings.

40. Local societies are encouraged to raise funds to defray costs of holding District meetings. Raffles may be held in the Spring and Fall, but not on the same day as the Fall Meeting, which is reserved for the District Raffle.

41. Vendors are an important part of the Fall Meeting and they are assessed a reasonable rate, decided on by the Hosting Society, for table space in the Marketplace. Local societies, except the host society, may be granted free table space to sell their books and crafts as long as they remit 10% of their profit to the District.

42. The NCNH District shall advance the host society for the District Conference and Rose Show $1000.00 toward expenses to be reimbursed at the time the financial statement is filed.


50. Sixty (60) days notice shall be given to all local societies regarding any scheduled schools or seminars. Notice should also be placed in The Criterion and on the District web site.

51. Separate funds shall be kept for District Schools and Seminars. Registration fees adequate to cover costs shall be charged for attendance. The District Consulting Rosarian Chair, District Horticulture Judges Chair, District Arrangement Judges Chair, District Trophy Chair and District Memorial Fund Chair shall be authorized to disperse funds from the appropriate accounts to cover expenses applicable to their specific area of responsibility using the proper Check Request Form.

52. The NCNH District encourages attendance at educational events, subject to the capacity of the event venue. The organizers and sponsors of educational events, such as CR Schools and Seminars, and Judging Schools and Seminars are encouraged to hold them at convenient times and places in our District for the benefit and education of all District members and CRs, and to set registration policies consistent with National and District requirements. If the educational event awards points toward re-certification, or will include a test for original certification as a CR or Judge, attendees shall not be required to register and attend any other Local or District event that is occurring in the same time frame. This is to apply even if the educational event is jointly sponsored, organized, staffed, scheduled in co-ordination with, and/or held at the same time and place as the other District or Local event.

53. Note that a District or Local event could contain programs deemed worthy of awarding one or more Educational points (with prior approval by District and National Chairs.) Attendance at these programs would require registration or otherwise valid attendance at the event presenting the program. The litmus test in such cases is the charging of a separate fee for attendance; if a separate fee is charged for an Educational event, then there is to be no additional requirement of attendance at any other NCNH District or Local Rose Society event.

Approved: March 2, 2002
Revised and Approved: March 20, 2004
Revised and Approved: October 24, 2004
Revised and Approved: October 5, 2008
Revised and Approved: October 4, 2009
Revised and Approved: October 12, 2014

Revised 2/5/15
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