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Clyde Stocking Trophy

Clyde H. Stocking Trophy

The Clyde H. Stocking Memorial Trophy calls for three (3) pink-blend hybrid teas. One variety or three different varieties exhibited in separate containers.

1964 Martin J. Martin
1965 Merrill J. Butler
1966 Julian Hargrove
1967 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Klima
1968 Mr. & Mrs. John Martinez
1969 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Klima
1970 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Klima
1971 Julian Hargrove
1972 Mr. & Mrs. John Martinez
1973 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Klima
1974 Mr. & Mrs.Baptiste Michelis
1975 Robert Derby
1976 Dr. H.I. Gallagher
1977 Mr. & Mrs. John Martinez
1978 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Klima
1979 Dr. H.I. Gallagher
1980 Wiley Molder
1981 Mr. & Mrs. John Hendrix
1984 Dr. Ron Brooks
1987 John & Barbara Hendrix
1988 John & Barbara Hendrix
1989 Susan Chan McCarthy
1990 Jerry Evans
1991 Susan Chan McCarthy
1992 John & Barbara Hendrix
1994 John & Barbara Hendrix
1996 Beverly Rose Hopper
1997 Susan Chan McCarthy
1998 Gail Trimble
1999 Mike Cevola
2000 Beverly Rose Hopper
2001 Susan Chan McCarthy
2002 Susan Chan McCarthy
2003 Susan Chan McCarthy
2004 Susan Chan McCarthy
2005 Susan Chan McCarthy
2006 Susan Chan McCarthy
2007 Susan Chan McCarthy
2008 Thomas Bonfigli
2011 Lou Evans
2013 Rosemary Sawyer
2014 Sandee Kolter
2015 Beverly Rose Hopper
2017 Lou Evans


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