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How to Become a Consulting Rosarian

If you are already deeply involved with roses - teaching the public about roses and rose care - writing articles for your local society newsletter - talking about roses to all your friends and neighbors - or just really enjoy roses and want to learn more about them -


To become a CR, you:

  • Must be either a regular, joint or associate member of the American Rose Society for two consecutive years.

  • Must be an active member of a local rose society.

  • Must have grown roses of various types for at least five years and should be knowledgeable in all equipment and materials related to rose culture.

  • Must provide three letters of recommendation by any threeConsulting Rosarians, on the form provided by the District Consulting Rosarian Chairman (downloadable from the Forms List on the right menu bar).

  • Must attend an ARS school/workshop for Consulting Rosarians and complete an open book examination based on the material contained in the Consulting Rosarian manual. Once you pass the exam, you do not have to take it again.

  • Must know and be willing to live up to the Consulting Rosarian Guide.

  • Must be willing to attend no less than one Consulting Rosarian School in every four-year period or earn four Continuing Education points from accredited sources (authorized by your District CR Chair).

  • Must submit a completed individual annual report form to the District Chairman of Consulting Rosarians. If no report is submitted in a three-year period, the CR will be dropped from the program. A warning letter will be issued after two years of non-compliance.

  • Must submit a Roses in Review Report to the RIR District Coordinator each year.

  • Must exhibit a continuing willingness to share knowledge and an enthusiasm for the rose and the American Rose Society.

How easy can it be??? You are not expected to be a genius, or to know everything there is to know about roses. That's what the CR Schools and Seminars are for - they teach us more about the flowers we love. The letters of recommendation can be from any 3 CRs who know you and have visited your garden. The open-book exam is easy - and you keep the book to use as a reference guide to all that stuff you are worried about not knowing.

The real reason we want YOU to become a CR is so we know that you have access to the latest information (the stuff we teach in the schools) and you know who to ask when you need to. If you are already doing the CR job (teaching or writing or talking about roses to everyone) - WHY NOT BECOME A CR??


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Consulting Rosarian Status

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