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History of the NCNH District

Santa Clara County was the first local rose society to become organized on November 8, 1926. East Bay Counties Rose Society was founded in 1933 but shortly thereafter became inactive and disbanded in 1976.

In 1937 Fred Walters founded the Pacific Rose Society and started the District of California. California was all one District and Fred was the Councilor (this office would change later to Director). The District split and became two Districts - Northern California and Southern California. Our District was called the Northern California-Nevada District and Southern California was cal1ed the Pacific Southwest District. No exact date could be found for the separation of the California District. George F. McDonough became "Director at Large" from 1942-1947. Vallejo was organized in 1939 but has since disbanded.

The forties brought more societies into the District: Sacramento Rose Society was organized in 1940, San Francisco followed in 1941. East Bay and San Mateo County both were organized in 1947. Napa organized in 1948 but disbanded in 1964.

John Paul Edwards, a member of East Bay was the first District Director for the Northern California-Nevada District from 1950-1952.

The fifties brought renewed interest in rose societies as the suburbs expanded. San Joaquin Valley organized their society in 1950. Stockton followed in 1953 but has since disbanded. Peninsula organized in 1955, and Reno in 1956.

Three more societies were organized in the 1960's: Sierra Foothills in 1962, Humboldt in 1963, Redwood Empire in 1965.

Hawaii was added to the District (we became the Northern California-Nevada-Hawaii District) and Southern Nevada was taken away in 1965.

The Golden Bear Rose Society organized in 1969 (since disbanded). The District was placed in ARS Region 9, and John H. VanBarneveld became our Regional Governor (the office would eventually become Regional Director).

The 1970's added more rose societies to our District. The Redding Rose Society (founded in 1967) affiliated with the District and reorganized as the Four Counties Rose Society in 1971. Marin Rose Society was organized in 1974. Central Valley Rose Society and Honolulu were both organized in 1975. Heritage Roses (Old Garden Rose Society, organized in 1976) affiliated in 1977 (but dropped in the 80�s).

The 1980's showed the largest growth in our District. Ten rose societies were organized. Monterey Bay, North Bay and Modesto were all organized in 1980. Gold Country was organized in Auburn in 1982. Shasta and Mount Diablo were organized in 1986. Berkeley (since disbanded) and Golden Gate organized in 1987. Sonoma County (since disbanded) and Mother Lode were organized in 1988.

Five more rose societies were organized in the l990's. East Hawaii organized in 1991 but has since disbanded. Butte Rose Society was organized in 1994. Contra Costa organized in 1996. Lodi-Woodbridge organized in 1998. Mendocino organized in 1999.

Three more societies joined us in the new century: Lake County and Golden Sierra organized in 2002. Woodland Library Rose Club, already an established society, affiliated with ARS and the District in 2003. Lake County, Golden Sierra, Stockton, San Joaquin Valley, Contra Costa and Golden Gate have since disbanded.

In 1960 the By-Laws of the Northern California-Nevada District were revised. The objectives of the District (stated at that time) were:

  1. We, the members of the Affiliated and Associated Rose Societies, of the American Rose Society, in Nevada and Northern Califomia, hereby affirm our abiding interest in the welfare of the rose and declare our determination to hold a rose Conference each year at some proper place in this area to the end that we all may gain pleasure and spiritual profit through association with others of our kind. To this purpose we pledge our complete energy, enthusiasm, wit, and love for the rose.

  2. To assist in the information and organization of Rose Societies to be affiliated with the ARS.

  3. To encourage membership in the American Rose Society.

  4. To encourage an Annual District-wide Show.

The latest revision of our District By-Laws, in 2014, still lists the original objectives and intentions, but they are secondary. The primary objective of the District is: "... as stated in the articles of incorporation of The American Rose Society, namely the encouragement of agriculture and horticulture and the increase of general interest in the cultivation and improvement of standards of excellence of the rose for all people."

No matter how it is said or how many times it is revised, our objective as members of the Northern California-Nevada-Hawaii District is to promote public education about - and the beauty of - our national flower, the Rose.

Research for this document by Linda Burg and Franciska Mills.

Revisions by Jolene Adams


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Santa Clara County Rose Society

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Woodland Library Rose Club

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