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District Director Sue Bennett - sue_c_bennett@att.net; biography
Deputy District Director Lesa Lane - drlesa58@gmail.com; biography
Secretary Cynthia Phipps - acura9797@yahoo.com; biography
Treasurer Lou Evans - louevans@comcast.net
ARS Nominations & Awards Jan Burnham - jburn0817@gmail.com; biography
Immediate Past District Director Joan Goff - joanegoff@gmail.com; biography
Consulting Rosarians Chair Jolene Adams - jolene_adams@sonic.net; biography
Horticulture Judges Chair Martine LaBelle - rmdgham@pacbell.net; biography
Arrangement Judges Chair Martin Kooi - mkooi1@hotmail.com
Photography Judges Chair Betty Mott - mottbetty@gmail.com; biography
District Bulletin Editors - The Criterion Ted & Linda Burg - ttburg@yahoo.com; ldburg@yahoo.com; biographies
Roses in Review Coordinator Jerry Georgette - jerrygeorgette@yahoo.com; biography
Membership Chair TBD
Programs & Speakers Lesa Lane - drlesa58@gmail.com; biography
District Directory Editor/Publisher Sue Bennett - sue_c_bennett@att.net; biography and
Dave Coop - d.coop@sbcglobal.net; biography
Site Development TBD
NCNH Trophies & Awards Chair Dave Coop - d.coop@sbcglobal.net; biography
NCNH Website Chair Gail Trimble - gail@violethour.net; biography
Parliamentarian Rick Sydor - tmsydorpid@aol.com
Raffle Co-Chairs Sue Magill - rosemtn@surewest.net; photo and Cherilyn Duncan - cherilynduncan@gmail.com
Memorial Fund TBD
Historian Ann Marie Harris - annmarieharris@charter.net; biography
Youth Chairman TBD
Social Media Chairman TBD
Region 9 Director Dr. Tommy Cairns - drtommyc@aol.com
Region 8 Director Georgie Bever - roselady1949@gmail.com



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