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"Gold Rush Roses"

2019 NCNH District Fall Conference and Rose Show
September 28, 2019


Gold Country Rose Society Fall Show

Rose Show Results


NCNH District Challenge Classes

Class / Award



J Horace McFarland Memorial Trophy No Entries Six Hybrid Teas and/or Grandifloras, different varieties, separate containers

Ralph S. Moore Trophy Baldo Villegas Seven Miniature roses, different cultivars, separate containers

Hot Tamale, Sweet Revenge, Bees Knees, Joy, Rookie, Ultimate Pleasure, Magic Show

Clyde H. Stocking Memorial Trophy Skip & Phyllis Smith Three pink-blend large roses

Neil Diamond

Alfred Leloy, Jr Memorial Trophy No Entries Three medium or dark red large roses

Laura Sutter Memorial Trophy Gail Trimble Three mauve/mauve blend, three different varieties, any rose

Celestial Night, Novalis, Outta the Blue

Dr. D Jay Nichols Trophy No Entries Three light, medium, deep yellow, or yellow-blend large roses

J Harvey Brown Perpetual Trophy No Entries Three Floribunda sprays

Ramona Stocking Trophy Rebecca Shaw One Floribunda spray

Marmalade Skies (Floribunda Queen)

American Rose Foundation Windsounds Trophy Eleanor Ackerman Hybrid Tea cycle of bloom


Edwin and Darley Lisherness Trophy Lou Evans Three white large roses

Green Rose, Moonstone, Stanwell Perpetual

AARS Challenge Class No Entries Three AARS winners, any type, separate containers

Clay Morgan Perpetual Trophy

ARS Certificate

No Entries

English box, 6 large roses, no more than two of any variety

Dr. Howard I. Gallagher Memorial Trophy

ARS Certificate

Baldo Villegas

Miniature English box, six different varieties:

Magic Show, Sweet Melody, Grandmother's Girl, Bees Knees, Caliente, Bonfire

Annette Dobbs Trophy Gail Trimble One stem, any type 'single' rose (4 - 8 petals)

Violet Hour

Esther K. Hughes "Peace" Trophy Lesa Lane

One specimen of any rose containing 'Peace' in its name

Chicago Peace

Captain Harry Stebbings Trophy Peggy Carlson

Three light, medium, or deep pink large roses, separate containers

Mother of Pearl

Baptiste Michelis Memorial Trophy No Entries Three stems: one Hybrid Tea, one Grandiflora, one Floribunda spray, separate containers

Dr. Ron Brooks Perpetual Trophy No Entries Three different large roses, introduced with the past 5 years

Clementina Monteleone Perpetual Trophy No Entries

One dark or medium red fragrant rose, any class, with exhibition form

Richard Tyson Memorial Trophy No Entries

Five stems: Three Hybrid Teas, two Floribunda sprays

District Director's Mini-Flora Rose Trophy Baldo Villegas

Five different Mini-Flora blooms

Robin Alonso, Autumn Splendor, Leading Lady, Baldo Villegas, Dr. Troy Garret

Bill & Muriel Humenick Trophy Gail Trimble

Three stems of any blend rose, any type rose, three different blends

Scentimental, Fourth of July, Rock & Roll


Class / Award



Queen of Show Baldo Villegas Moonstone
King of Show Duane & Melody Carlson Sunstruck
Princess of Show Baldo Villegas Dublin
     Court of Honor Jan Burnham Perfect Moment
     Court of Honor Skip & Phyllis Smith Neil Diamond
     Court of Honor Duane & Melody Carlson In the Mood
Floribunda Spray Queen Rebecca Shaw Marmalade Skies
Floribunda Spray King Duane & Melody Carlson Ketchup & Mustard
Floribunda Spray Princess Skip & Phyllis Smith Lavaglut
     Floribunda Spray Court of Honor Jan Burnham Hannah Gordon
Miniature Queen of Show Peggy Carlson Marriotta
Miniature King of Show Betty Mott Irresistible
Miniature Princess of Show Baldo Villegas Grandma's Girl
     Miniature Court of Honor Baldo Villegas Bees Knees
Mini-Flora Queen of Show Baldo Villegas Cooper
Mini-Flora King of Show Gail Trimble Dr. John Dickman
Mini-Flora Princess of Show Cher Frechette Powerhouse
     Miniflora Court of Honor Gail Trimble Leading Lady
     Miniflora Court of Honor Cher Frechette Baldo Villegas
Modern Shrub Queen Gail Trimble Stretch Johnson
Modern Shrub King Sue & Ernie Magill Lyda Rose
Modern Shrub Princess Daniel Short Top Gun
     Modern Shrub Court of Honor Duane & Melody Carlson Sonia Rykiel
     Modern Shrub Court of Honor Knock Out Daniel Short
     Modern Shrub Court of Honor Stuard Dalton Graham Thomas
Best Novice Pam Hoffman Lyda Rose
Best Judge's Lou Evans Distant Drums


Class Title Varieties Exhibitor Awards
"Vigilante Justice" Iceberg, Marmalade Skies Rebecca Shaw Best Arrangement in Show
Earl Parsons District Trophy
"Westward Ho" Marilyn Monroe, Sunstruck Barbara Gordon Martin J. Martin District Trophy
"Strike it Rich" St. Patrick, Kardinal Sarah Williams Lucia Morgan District Trophy
"American River" Tamora Gwen Quail Ruby Cayere District Trophy
"Eureka" Canoodling, Deja Blu Barbara Gordon District Director's Trophy
No Entries Charles & Elaine Cochran District Trophy
No Entries Best Judges'


Class / Award



ARS Queen of Photography
ARS Gold Medal Certificate
Linda Burg South Africa
ARS King of Photography
ARS Silver Medal Certificate
Lou Evans Stanwell Perpetual
ARS Princess of Photography
ARS Bronze Medal Certificate
Lou Evans Irresistible
Court of Honor (4th place) Lou Evans Francis Meilland
Court of Honor (5th place) Linda Burg Aging Gracefully
Court of Honor (6th place) Lou Evans Pacesetter
Best Judge's Entry Jan Burnham Violet Hour

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