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It's Show Time for our District! Here is the 2006 Rose Show Schedule and the results as reported by our Local Societies:

Spring Rose Shows
Society Location Date
Sacramento Rose Society Sacramento, CA April 29-30, 2006
Redwood Empire Rose Society Santa Rosa, CA May 6, 2006
Peninsula Rose Society Redwood City, CA May 7, 2006
East Bay Rose Society Oakland, CA May 7, 2006
North Bay Rose Society Vallejo, CA May 7, 2006
Butte Rose Society Chico, CA May 13, 2006
Marin Rose Society San Rafael, CA May 13, 2006
San Francisco Rose Society San Francisco, CA May 14, 2006
Humboldt Rose Society Eureka, CA June 4, 2006
Golden Gate Rose Society San Francisco, CA June 17, 2006
Reno Rose Society Reno, NV June 17, 2006
Monterey Bay Rose Society Cancelled due to weather  
Santa Clara County Rose Society Cancelled due to weather  
Mount Diablo Rose Society Cancelled due to weather  
San Mateo Rose Society Cancelled  
Stockton Rose Society Cancelled  
San Joaquin Valley Rose Society Cancelled  

Fall Rose Shows

East Bay Rose Society Fremont, CA September 9, 2006
Lodi-Woodbridge Rose Society Lodi, CA September 16-17, 2006
Mount Diablo Rose Society Livermore, CA September 16-17, 2006
Honolulu Rose Society Honolulu, HA September 23, 2006
Sierra Foothills Rose Society Rancho Cordova, CA September 30-October 1, 2006
Shasta Rose Society Redding, CA September 30-October 1, 2006
North Bay Rose Society Vallejo, CA October 1, 2006
NCNH District Rose Show
Hosted by Mount Diablo Rose Society
San Ramon, CA October 7, 2006

District Trophy List

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