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Of the American Rose Society

Minutes of the Fall Business Meeting
October 5, 2001
Radisson Hotel, Sacramento, CA

Steve Steps, District Director of the Northern California-Nevada-Hawaii District called the Fall Business Meeting to order at 7:50 p.m. Baldo Villegas, representing Sierra Foothills Rose Society gave a welcome to the business meeting.

ROLL CALL OF SOCIETIES: There were no delegates present for Butte, Central Valley, Mendocino, Mother Lode or Redwood Empire Rose Societies.


The minutes of the March 3, 2001 Spring Business Meeting were presented and approved.


Lenore Ruckman, NCNH Treasurer pointed out that the report was mailed in the packet. She also mentioned that the financial reports are updated continually. She reported there was a net gain of $969.49 and that many items are considerably under budget. All Societies have paid their assessment for the trophy fund (only four societies had to be called and reminded) and some have actually paid ahead.

On a motion and second, it was approved to refer to the Bylaws Committee a review of the request for changing the Fiscal Year End to coincide with the calendar year. The motion requires the committee to bring back a recommendation to change the Bylaws if possible and as necessary.

UPDATE ON AMERICAN ROSE SOCIETY - Steve Steps, District Director

Steve Steps reported on the ARS Fall Convention and the ARS Board Meeting held at the convention. He said the meeting was somewhat shorter than previous meetings. The following are some of the highlights of the meeting:

• In response to the tragic events of September 11th, almost every Rose Society in the world sent letters to the American Rose Society. ARS has declared that September 11th will be commemorated each year as a Rose Day of Remembrance. Suggestions would be to give red roses with red white and blue ribbons to colleagues, neighbors, friends, hospitals, churches, and especially firefighters and police officers as part of the Year of the Rose 2002.

• He reported on a garden in Italy which is one of the largest gardens with one of a kind roses that exist no where else. He said that Marily Young will be photographing the garden and indexing the one of a kind roses in all phases: bud, bloom, and prickles, with a descriptive essay as a record. There are also efforts to take budwood to propagate and preserve these specimens. The garden is the work of a professor, but when he dies his family has no interest in maintaining the garden and word is that it will be destroyed.

• Changes to align the auditing years for rose arrangement judges to 4 years to match those of the horticultural judges.

• District Consulting Rosarian Chairs will have electronic access to the Consulting Rosarian list at ARS. It will be via Jolene Adams and her committee, be "read-only", but the District Chair can send changes to the Committee and have it changed at ARS more easily and in a timely fashion.

• In the Eastern United States Rose Rosette Disease has become a big issue. It spreads rapidly, and is being intentionally spread by Iowa State in a study to try and exterminate the Multiflora rose that is very invasive. They are using a mite to spread the disease, but the mite spreads to domestic roses. The ARS is writing a series of letters to Iowa State University and the State Horticultural Department to try and educate them on the potential disaster to the rose community.

• Finances at ARS continue to show reports that look good but are not correlated to reality. There is a continuing financial slide, not fast but continual. Steve went through the audits and checked net asses for unrestricted funds. His efforts showed that in 1995 there were net assets of +$230,757, while in 2000 there were net assets of -$165,671. That's a $400,000 loss in 5 years. Some of the problems are capital expenses; accrual and depreciation don't show up on reports.

• Klima Campaign: Approximately $1.6 million has been raised, some pledges and some charitable remainder trust. It is not all cash. Projection for ground breaking is anywhere from next spring (2002) to 3 years out. Steve gave a brief explanation of the Klima Campaign in response to questions. He said it was to primarily to build the Klima Education and Visitors Center. Joe & Marion Klima left approximately $2.2 million in their will to ARS. Of that $843,000 was to put toward a building to be matched by the members. $500,000 in an endowment trust for long-term maintenance. $100,000 Klima Education Trust that was for the Klima Medal to be presented to an outstanding educator (rose-related). The remainder $724,000 to the maintenance endowment trust to maintain the gardens of the ARS.


YEAR OF THE ROSE 2002 - Jolene Adams

What is the Year of the Rose 2002?

• A 'jumped up' membership campaign.

• US Congress voted a resolution making 2002 the Year of the Rose. The President will make an announcement from the Rose Garden at a later date.

• Home Depot and the Consulting Rosarians to do seminars in the Spring. Dates will vary by geographical region.

• Northern California will be mostly late December/early January.

• MACYS in New York will feature YOTR in their Spring/Easter display. ARS is hoping that San Francisco MACYS comes on board also.

• Each Society should name a Coordinator to be a liaison with our District Coordinator (Jolene Adams) to report their YOTR 2002 activities.

• ARS is hoping that Former First Lady Barbara Bush will be our official patroness for YOTR 2002.

Jolene listed a number of ideas for celebrating YOTR 2002. Mostly she said make everything your Society normally does (Rose Shows, etc.) be a celebration of YOTR 2002.

HOME DEPOT REPORT - Baldo Villegas

Baldo reported that there would be a video out soon from ARS to help local CRs plan their seminars. He said it would be one day-one seminar only. He encouraged us to use the opportunity. Home Depot corporate is supposed to be notifying local Home Depots this month so we should be able to talk with the garden center managers soon. He said be sure and go straight to the garden center manager though, not the main store manager.


Barbara Gordon presented a concern about holding the District Rose Show with the National Convention in April 2002. She mentioned that most of Northern California will not have blooms that early, and that they would have to choose between District classes and National classes, etc. After several questions, it was moved and seconded that NCNH take the District Rose Show out of the National Rose Show at the District Convention and have a one day District Meeting with a District Show in Fall 2002. The motion carried.

Steve Steps appointed Barbara Gordon & Muriel Humenick to a committee to find a Society to host the Fall 2002 Business Meeting and one-day Conference & Rose Show.


Fall 2002 - No Bids

Golden Gate withdrew from Fall 2002.

Spring 2003 - Two bids

Golden Gate Rose Society at Golden Gate Park

East Bay Rose Society at Lakeside Garden Center

When Steve Steps called for the question, it was suggested and general consensus supported having the District Officers make the decision on the venue for the Spring 2003 meeting.


The Fall Business Meeting of the NCNH District was adjourned at 9:35 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Carol Burek
NCNH Secretary

Minutes of 3-3-01 Spring Meeting

Posted: October 20, 2001
© 2005, The NCNH District