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Of the American Rose Society

Minutes of the Spring Business Meeting
March 3, 2001
Art & Garden Center, Sacramento, CA

The Spring Business meeting of the Northern California-Nevada-Hawaii District was called to order at 9:40 a.m. by Steve Steps, District Director. A welcome to the business meeting was given by Gale Ann Morris, President of Sacramento Rose Society. Mendocino Rose Society had no representative at the meeting.


The minutes of the October 15, 2000 Fall Business Meeting were presented and approved with the following corrections:

Paragraph 2, line 6, sentence changed to read: An official list of exhibition rose names was approved.

Paragraph 5, line 2, sentence changed to read: Muriel Humenick, District Education Director reported the Sacramento Valley All Miniature Rose Show will be June 23-24.


In the absence of the Treasurer, the financial statement was distributed by Barbara Picarelli with comments presented by Steve Steps, District Director. Steve noted that the Expenses and Income as presented are correct. Steve also asked each Society to verify that their trophy donation status was correct.


Steve Steps explained that the expense for the Criterion has been increased in the proposed budget due to increase in printing costs. It was also noted that we need to maintain/increase subscriptions. It is necessary to keep a mailing minimum of 200 to maintain bulk mail rate.

Questions on Proposed Budget:

Q: Why $.99 for Roses In Review for last year and $150 in proposed budget?

A: Alice Affleck explained that the financial report did not reflect her bill for Roses in Review.

On a motion by Rose Gilardi, with a second by Ted Burg, the Financial Report was approved with a single no vote.

UPDATE ON AMERICAN ROSE SOCIETY - Steve Steps, District Director

ARS was closed just before Christmas due to an ice storm. ARS Headquarters was closed for 10 days with no power. Carol Spiers continued to work from home during this time and Steve noted that necessary work kept moving effectively throughout the inconvenience. He reported that while some trees on the grounds were damaged beyond repair, there was no damage to any structures.

Every 3 years as new officers and chairpersons take office the ARS has a planning meeting. This term's meeting was last month in St Louis. There were 6 planning /brainstorming sessions and of those 6, two were facilitated by NCNH District members: Beverly Rose Hopper and Jolene Adams. NCNH District was well represented at this meeting and Steve thanked them on behalf of the District for their hard work.

ARS Financial Status continues to be extremely tight. Part of the problem is in the reporting procedures. It is difficult to tell what is happening. For instance, Steve said that the June 30th report showed that a positive $105,000 for the 1st six months of last year, but if you looked at the checking account it went down $122,000 in the same period of time. He noted a quarter of a million dollar discrepancy between the checking account and the printed financial report. Steve indicated he finds that unacceptable. He noted that a "radical" California representative produced an 11 page report on how to put the ARS on a straight cash basis of accounting. That member worked with Past and Present Treasurers and the outcome of the meeting is that ARS will be moving to a cash basis.

ARS dues increase. April 1, 2001 is the last day to renew at the current lower rate and Steve suggested that all look seriously at renewing at the 3-year renewal rate ($90 for 3 years).

ARS will be conducting formal fundraising campaign, in particular related to the Klima Center. For more information call/email Steve.

A committee was formed to look at reorganizing the structure of the ARS.

Currently there are 18 District Directors, 10 Regional Directors, President, Vice President and Treasurer. That is a Board of 31 Voting members. That is quite a large Board. The committee is looking at ways to streamline, one idea is have the Regional Directors deal with ARS as the "business." The District Directors (18) would deal with ARS as the "Society", i.e. educational programs, CRs, Judges, Roses in Review, etc.

Questions on the ARS UPDATE:

Q: Alice Affleck wanted to know if the $5 rebate will continue after the dues increase goes into effect?

A: Steve responded that he did not recall that issue coming up and suggested that the societies continue to take out the $5 prior to sending in the new members dues to ARS. If that isn't right, ARS will let you know. To clarify the procedure for all: the process is to have the new member write a check to the local society for their ARS dues, and the local society Treasurer then writes a check to ARS minus $5 for that new member's dues.

Q: How do you become a Regional/District Director?

A: There is a process and forms to complete, but minimum requirements for each are:

District Director - 3 years as ARS member
Regional Director - must have served as a District Director*
Vice President - has to have served on the ARS Board previously

The Vice President automatically becomes the President
*There are some exceptions to the Regional Director process if no one runs for a Region and the deadline has passed, but that is an uncommon occurrence.


Rosemary Sawyer explained the Silver Medal Honor Committee, its charge and how the representatives are chosen. She noted that each society has a representative on the committee. She emphasized that the identity of that person is known ONLY by the local society president, the representative, and Rosemary as the Chairperson. The term is concurrent with the term of the District Director. Please refer to the article in the Criterion related to this for further information. She noted that 10 societies have not responded to date with an appointed representative to this important committee. A printed copy of her remarks is attached to the official minutes in the Secretary's binder.

Questions about the Nominations and Awards Committee:

Q: Rose Gilardi asked what the stand was on a "no medal awarded" vote.

RS: Rosemary responded that if the majority of the committee voted that way, whether she agreed or not, she would abide by the consensus. She pointed out that she is the Chair and remains neutral in the process. She facilitates the round of votes after all nominations are in.

Q: Miriam Illencik asked if a list can be published of those not eligible for award (because they are serving in positions which exclude them for consideration for a certain time period).

RS: No, it is not allowed under the ARS rules.

Q: Sharon McColgan asked why the "no medal" was included.

RS: Not certain, but obviously in response to a situation where that was necessary.

Q: Can someone receive 2 Silver Medals?

RS: No.

It was also pointed out that care should be taken not to appoint people to this committee who are good candidates for the Silver Medal, because serving on this term's committee makes them ineligible for nomination until the year 2005! Rose Gilardi suggested that if someone already has a Silver Medal, that person might be a good appointee to this committee. They are now not eligible. Steve Steps pointed out that the rules for the Silver Medal are ARS rules not NCNH District rules.


An Education Committee meeting was held prior to this meeting and the committee would like to include an educational aspect in conjunction with each business meeting. To that end, the question was asked whether the committee reports could be eliminated and replaced with written reports that could be emailed to the representatives and society presidents with printed copies to be distributed at the business meeting. It was then suggested that copies be placed on the District Web site so they could be accessed by anyone interested. The general consensus was that all would prefer to have the reports ahead of time, including Committee Reports, Financial Report, Agendas, etc. There was no consensus on the method of delivery however. It was noted that a deadline would need to be set for all reports to be submitted for reproduction. Alice Affleck will accept the reports and have them reproduced for distribution at the business meeting.

Approved with a majority vote was a motion by Rose Gilardi and seconded by Michael Devencenzi that:

The minutes of each meeting will be sent via email (and posted on the District Web site) within one month after the business meeting.

Thirty days (one month) prior to the next business meeting, each society President will receive an Agenda for the upcoming business meeting which will include a copy of the prior meeting's minutes.

At the meeting there will be printed copies of all Committee Reports.

COMMITTEE REPORTS - Earl Parsons, District Coordinator

Committee reports were facilitated by Earl Parsons.


Consulting Rosarian Coordinator, Baldo Villegas reported that in the future there will be a 1-hour CR meeting at each Spring meeting. There will be a CR School at the Sacramento Fall Conference.

Future Workshops: Genetic fingerprinting of roses, in particular re viruses. Baldo will keep "hours" on all CRs, there will be sign-up sheets and credit given for every 4 hours of continuing education. He is encouraging local societies to work with him to put seminars together. CR Reports are due and required by all CRs. It has been sent by email to many, it is also on the District web site


Several apprentices reached their accreditation last year. She is still awaiting her copy of the paperwork on three.

A number of judges have retired. She noted, in particular, Don Marshall who has been a judge since 1968, named Outstanding Judge in 1993, and received a Silver Medal in 1983. Don Marshall was named Horticultural and Arrangement Judge Emeritus and Beverly presented him with an ARS name tag and ribbon with that designation.

Requirements for all judges:

1. Submit annual reports. If you do not submit for 2 years, PROBATION; 3 years, YOU CAN BE DROPPED!

2. Once every four years you must attend or be a presenter for a Judging school or seminar.

OGR Judges Seminar, April 21st in Jackson from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Reservations required.

Official List of Exhibition Names will be available for approximately $10 for ARS Members, $15 if not.


Barbara requested that Societies ask Apprentice Arrangement Judges to judge shows.

Earl Parsons and Barbara Gordon are planning an arrangements-only show for next year.

Arrangement workshops: July 28th in Sacramento and August 19th in San Mateo.

CRITERION, Linda Burg-Editor

At present, 228 subscribers with 25 not renewed. Need at least 200 to keep bulk mailing.

LIAISONS, Earl Parsons-District Coordinator

Short reports were made from the following liaisons:

Ted Burg, South East Area; Rose Gilardi, South West Area; Jerry Crumrine, Central Area; Ernie Magill, North East Area; and Dean Davis, North West Area.

ROSES IN REVIEW, Alice Affleck

NCNH tied for 3rd in number of reports. Our totals increased to 251 reports, but not full participation by Consulting Rosarians. It was noted that this is a requirement of all CRs. The question was raised about who can submit Roses in Review. The answer is "anyone"…ARS member or not.


Alice requested that each society designate a contact with email who would be responsible to take all email communications to the Board of the society for distribution.

OPERATION R.O.S.E., Dorothy Tyson

Dorothy asked that everyone update their Directory with her new phone number in Lincoln CA: (916) 408-0175. She said that Operation R.O.S.E. will have a panel at the March meeting of the San Mateo County Rose Society.


Programs have been updated in the District Directory. Jerry has been reading old newsletters from District societies looking at past programs. Source ideas for programs: Master Gardener/CRs, Local nurseries, garden designers, ARS slide presentations, local universities. He suggested that varying programs increases membership.

MEMBERSHIP, Mike Devencenzi

Call Mike about help for increasing new and younger members. District is looking at South Bay to start new society. Most societies need more PR programs. Pruning demonstrations at local nurseries help increase membership


Planning an "after-reception" hospitality suite for Fall Conference in Sacramento.

ARS WEB SITE, Jolene Adams

ARS will sponsor a contest for web pages (similar to newsletter competition). There will be a local and a District level competition. Criteria for entry will be on the ARS web site in April and in the April copy of American Rose. A handout about developing a web page is available through Jolene.


Needs information about members who volunteer time in areas other than the Rose Society.


Do not engrave any of the Fall Trophies. Changing the process for engraving and possibly the bases of some of the District Trophies.

UNSUNG, Ed Yesan

Requesting articles to go into the Criterion. This is a good way to thank members for their hard work.

PARLIAMENTARIAN, Dolores Moffat No Report


Peninsula Rose Society presented a $100 donation in memory of Thayer Jones.


The conference was successful and Charles reported presenting the District with $252 ($2 for each conference attendee. He noted that the conference had been planned to report a deficit and it came in pretty much on target.


Conference Theme: Roses for Now & Forever.

An information packet was distributed to each Society. Baldo mentioned some of the speakers planned for the conference. He announced some fund raisers for the event and also noted a $10 rebate on conference registration for all those who register at the Radisson (conference hotel) prior to August 1st. Please note: The District Business Meeting will be 1 1/2 hours and will be held Friday night after the reception.


Extensive discussion ensued with pros and cons of combining both events. NCNH Bylaws state "The council shall hold a District Business Meeting in the first quarter of each year and at the annual District Rose Show Conference." Article V, Item 2 By-Laws of the NCNH District Revised September 26, 1999.

It was moved and seconded that the NCNH suspend the rules per Article V, Item 2 of the District By-laws regarding an Annual District Rose Show Conference for this item only and for one time only. Motion passed with a vote in excess of the required 2/3 majority of voting delegates.

A motion was approved to

1) have the Spring 2002 Business meeting in Marin,
2) Combine the Annual District Rose Show with the National Convention in April 2002, and
3) hold a one-day Fall Business meeting with a seminar.


There were no bids for

1) A one-day Fall 2002 Fall Business Meeting and Seminar,
2) 2003 Spring Business Meeting, or
3) 2003 Fall Conference.


The Spring Business Meeting of the NCNH District was adjourned at 1:55 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Carol Burek
NCNH Secretary

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Posted: March 11, 2001
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