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Of the American Rose Society

Minutes of the Spring Business Meeting
March 2, 2003

Hall of Flowers, Golden Gate Park
San Francisco, CA

The Spring Business Meeting of the Northern California-Nevada-Hawaii District was called to order at 9:32 a.m.. by Steve Steps, District Director. A welcome to the business meeting was given by Bob Van Houten, President of the Golden Gate Rose Society.

ROLL CALL OF SOCIETIES: There were no delegates from the following Societies: Butte RS, Humboldt RS and Monterey Bay RS.


The minutes of the September 29, 2002 Business Meeting were presented and approved as submitted.


The financial statement was presented by Lenore Ruckman, NCNH Treasurer. She noted that the District is staying within budget. She noted that an increase for Criterion expenses has been budgeted. Lenore said approval for the proposed budget was needed.

Trophy Fund: $5/year assessment per society to maintain trophies. She also noted that 2 new rose societies had received the customary start up money for new societies. One of those new societies is Golden Sierra Rose Society and they have 34 members.

Rose Gilardi moved to approve the budget as presented. Motion seconded and approved.

DISTRICT DIRECTOR'S REMARKS - Steve Steps, District Director

Due to uncontested elections, Jolene Adams will be the incoming NCNH District Director, and Steve Steps will be the new Regional Director.

Announcement: Fall Conference will be held in Oakland on October 3, 4, and 5, 2003.

UPDATE ON AMERICAN ROSE SOCIETY - Steve Steps, District Director

Same issues as reported in the past. The ARS Board of Directors rejected the budget in Philadelphia. One issue that has a direct impact on everyone is the magazine. Steve did a write up on the survey regarding the magazine and distributed them at the meeting.

Handbook for Selecting Roses - Each ARS member will receive one copy (hard copy) and as of March 1, 2003 it will also be on line. There will no longer be free copies to local societies.



Rosemary Sawyer is coordinating nominations for District Silver Honor Medal. She sends out the rules and regulations at the end of January, and needs nominations returned by the March meeting. She had received 16 forms of the 27 sent out. She asked all societies to turn them in.


Muriel Humenick announced that Baldo Villegas will be retiring this year and the new CR Chair will be Michael Devencenzi.


ARS has changed the rule for extension for refresher seminars for Consulting Rosarians from 3 years to 4 years. Baldo reminded everyone if CRs have not attended a seminar or school in last 4 years, at the end of Baldo's term they will no longer be a CR. He has a list of all who need to recertify. The seminar at the 2003 Spring District Business meeting will qualify for recertification. For all CR candidates, Baldo noted that the cost of the CR test has increased from $10 after January 1, 2003. Baldo reminded everyone of the upcoming CR schools, one in Jackson this spring and one in Hawaii in March 2003.


The judging report form is on line. New Guidelines for Judging Roses is $14.99.

In the District Directory, please made the following corrections: Gregg Cook was accredited in 2001, and Dave Coop in 2000.

Ed Griffith, ARS National Chair of Judges, gave awards of special recognition to the following judges:

Blanche Wimer
Bruce Phillips
Bill & Muriel Humenick


Barbara Gordon announced that Marvin Rudd and Ann Marie Harris are now accredited arrangement judges.

She announced an arrangement workshop scheduled for August 16th on Color & Texture in Roses. Cost will be $20.

Arrangement Judging School is schedule for August 23 and 24th at Sacramento UC Extension Auditorium. She requested all Presidents to give a copy of the sign up sheets to newsletter editors. All of the District's arrangement judges will participate in the seminar and schools.

CRITERION - Linda & Ted Burg

Linda Burg requested articles. She said that they lose 6-10% paid membership every issue. Criterion getting new subscriptions, but really needs continuing subscriptions.

Steve Steps presented the Gold Medal for the most recent win for the Criterion (for 2002).


ROSES IN REVIEW: There are 200 CRs in the District and participation in Roses in Review is required. There were 162 reports in the District, and no all of those reports were from CRs, so all CRs in District not participating as required. Alice stressed that the results of the RIR do make it to the Handbook and nil reports count as participation!

DISTRICT DIRECTORY: There are 2400 members in the District. NCNH has the 3rd largest ARS membership. In order of size of membership: Deep South, Pacific Southwest, followed by NCNH.

MEMBERSHIP - Michael Devencenzi

Presidents and Founders of the two newest societies were introduced: Rosemary Sawyer, President of Golden Sierra Rose Society (34 members) and Mary Lois Welsh, President of Lake County Rose Society (39 members).

Michael also noted that San Mateo Rose Society had increased membership by 25% thanks in part to efforts by Earl Parsons and Ed Yesan.

The Round Table workshop on membership in November had 12 attendees representing 15 societies. The results of the meeting are in the Winter Criterion.

Elsina Dean reported there is interest in forming a society in the Woodland area.

PROGRAMS & SPEAKERS - Jerry Crumrine

Jerry encouraged everyone to email or mail updates for programs for the District directory.


Dean Davis asked that biographies of people who have done work in the community (other than rose society involvement) be sent to him.

YOTR 2002/ DISTRICT WEBSITE - Jolene Adams

YOTR 2002 - Rose still reigns supreme! YOTR 2002 was an unqualified success. As Jolene says "what a marketing campaign for membership" Those who participated gained new members. If you hold pruning seminars, etc., the community will come and many will join. Get out and get involved.

Butte and Humboldt did very well. Jolene reminded everyone to continue to do things to attract members.

DISTRICT WEBSITE. Will be updated with new directory information.


No new District trophies this year.

Bob Bergthold requested that whoever has the 2 or 3 District trophies still in cardboard boxes that don't have permanent cases to please contact him and get them to him 8 weeks before the Fall Conference.

SOCIALIBILITY - Betty Ann Cassina

Betty Ann's report: "Enjoy yourself at every activity."

UNSUNG - Ed Yesan

Ed says he hasn't heard from anyone. Please send him names and information on anyone who works hard, gives time and effort to local society who isn't usually recognized.


Dolores Moffat was absent, but it was reported that she is working on a "Guidelines for Officers."


The one-day Fall Show and Business Meeting had 107 people registered. It had been anticipated to have an attendance of about 85.) The quality of the show was excellent. At $2 per registrant, $214 went to the District.

The District is looking for the District Conference Notebooks to update them and pass them on the next societies to host meetings. The last two societies to have them were San Francisco and Sierra Foothills.


- 2003 ARS Triennial Elections will take place this year. Steve Steps reviewed the election procedures.


Steve Steps announced that a nominating committee needs to be formed at this meeting for nominations of District Officers. The first two members with Jolene's input: Sharon McColgan and Muriel Humenick. Volunteers: Ted Burg, Dave Coop, Joe Burek. Per the District Bylaws, the Parliamentarian is the Chair of the Nominating Committee.

On a motion by Rose Gilardi, the nominating committee was approved.


All four candidates for ARS Vice President were invited to attend this meeting. Steve Steps introduced the two candidates who attended the meeting: Jeff Wycoff and Ed Griffith. George Hartly and Steve Jones were unable to attend.

A Question and Answer period followed a brief presentation from both candidates.


The Spring Business Meeting of the NCNH District was adjourned at 12:03 p.m.. Steve Steps passed the gavel to Jolene Adams.

Following adjournment the NCNH District held a workshop for Consulting Rosarians on 'New Fungicides' presented by Baldo Villegas. This was a repeat of the program at the Fall 2002 ARS National Convention, prepared and presented by Don Myers.

Respectfully submitted,

Carol Burek
NCNH Secretary

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Posted: March 31, 2003
© 2003, The NCNH District