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Of the American Rose Society

Minutes of the Spring Business Meeting
March 2, 2002

Marin Art & Garden Center, Ross CA

Steve Steps, District Director of the Northern California-Nevada-Hawaii District called the Spring Business Meeting to order at 9:40 a.m. Barbara Picarelli of the Marin Rose Society gave a welcome to those attending the business meeting.

ROLL CALL OF SOCIETIES: There were no delegates present for Butte, Central Valley, Humboldt, or Mother Lode Rose Societies.


The minutes of the October 5, 2001 Fall Business Meeting were presented and approved.


The 2002 Budget Proposal was presented. Alice Affleck requested an increase to $475 for the cost of District Directories.

On a motion and second, the 2002 Budget Proposal was approved.

On a motion and second, the change to the Fiscal Year was unanimously approved as presented.

UPDATE ON AMERICAN ROSE SOCIETY - Steve Steps, District Director

The period to reaudit for arrangement judges will be reduced from 6 years to 4 years to align with the Horticulture judges. The school fee will be $35, which will include the badge.

District CR Chairpersons have electronic access to the CRs in their District. (Actually, per Jolene, "it's on the way.")

The Mid West is quite concerned about Rose Rosette Disease. Iowa State University has been experimenting using a mite to eliminate Rosa multiflora. The problem is that it transfers to domestic roses. The ARS Board of Directors approved writing a letter to Iowa State University stating their grave concerns for the domestic rose business.

Gamble Fragrance Award to be awarded at the National Convention - 'Angel Face'

Finances & American Rose Magazine - The state of finances is "involved" but one symptom of the state of affaires is the fact that ARS borrows from prepaid dues to pay bills. Also $53,000 have been taken out of Klima Funds to pay bills. Of most concern to the NCNH would be the effect on the Klima Center. Also $106,000 has been taken from Klima Funds to pay a fundraising consultant. Dr. Tommy Cairns is leading the charge to get ARS finances under control. Dr. Cairns is most committed to seeing that ARS does not "cut things that affect membership, i.e. the magazine, the Rose Annual, the Buyer's Guide."

Steve pointed out that all meetings of the Executive Committee are open to the general membership and encourage all that could attend the Thursday before the Convention to do so.


YEAR OF THE ROSE 2002 - Jolene Adams

Jolene listed the number of American Rose Cities designated in our District. Check out the District Website for an update on the Year of the Rose activities.


Several judges returning after a leave of absence: Cindy Nalepa-Nelson, Susan Chan McCarthy, and Marilyn Butts. They would like to be considered for invitations for judging. Judges school in 2003. Fee will be $35


There will be an ARS show in June 2002 and an Arrangement School Fall 2003.


The Consulting Rosarian list is finalized. There are 204 CRs in the NCNH District. 27 are new CRs.

CR School - Late October/Early November 2002 in Vallejo hosted by North Bay Rose Society with Susan Turk facilitating.

CR School scheduled for March 2003

CR School - Jackson, CA March/April 2003 hosted by Mother Lode Rose Society.

All CR Schools: $5 fee to take the test. All current and new CRs must sign a disclaimer saying they understand not to recommend restricted materials not approved by State EPA and that they understand the safety issues. Baldo mentioned that several mail order houses can be a problem for California CRs as they stock products that are UNREGISTERED (therefore restricted) in California. Hint: If it says 1-oz/100 gallons of water it is a commercial product and not appropriate!

CRITERION - Linda Burg

Linda alerted the delegates about the need to drum up business for Criterion. We currently have approximately 190 and have had up to 240 paid subscriptions, but 60 people have not paid to renew. We need to maintain a certain amount to continue to send out bulk mail, which is a great saving in postage costs.

As pointed out by delegates in attendance, the Criterion is an excellent publication and well worth the subscription amount of $10 per year.


Alice announced that Directories are available to the District representatives.

Roses in Review: She says that reporters are down by 60 this year and that while it is required that all CRs must submit an RIR report, not all CRs submitted a report.

MEMBERSHIP - Michael Devencenzi

Michael would like to present a workshop regarding increasing membership. He would like to correspond with Society Membership Chairs via email.

WEBSITE - Jolene Adams

It was noted that it would take $125 annually to get the ads off the website.

It was moved and seconded that NCNH spend the $125 to remove the ads from the website. The motion carried with 3 no votes.

TROPHIES - Tom Bonfigli

Jolene Adams representing East Bay Rose Society presented the Ruby Cayere Memorial Perpetual Trophy complete with carrying case to Tom Bonfigli, Chair of Trophy Committee. The trophy is for the Best Oriental Manner Arrangement in the Annual NCNH District Rose Show. It is a 'museum quality' Cloisonné vase with Ruby's Silver Honor Medal embedded in the black laquer base. Underneath the base is a plaque that repeats the text from the reverse side of the Silver Medal.

It was moved and seconded that NCNH accept the trophy free and clear to the District. The motion carried unanimously.

BYLAWS - Dolores Moffat

Dolores presented the report of the Bylaws committee. The revision recommended by the committee was included with the packet mailed out prior to the meeting. She noted that they had used Roberts Rules and Bylaws from many organizations including the ARS Bylaws.

The Bylaws committee suggested that the district only get $1 per head from District conventions instead of the $2 that had been the practice for the last couple of years.

It was moved and seconded that the amount per head due the District per registrant at District Conventions be $2 per head. Motion passed with one dissenting vote.

It was moved and seconded that NCNH approve the Bylaws as presented with the change to the assessment amount of $2 per head. The Bylaws were approved unanimously.


Sacramento Conference - There were 165 registered participants. The committee gave a check for $330 do the District ($2/per registrant). Baldo Villegas acknowledged Muriel Humenick as being instrumental in getting the high quality of speakers to participate. They did mention that clean up of the Rose Show was a large task and members of the District need to pitch in and help clean up after District Rose shows not just leave it to the hosting group. Also, if you win a trophy you need to take it home.


ARS Spring Convention - Diana Steps noted she had registration forms and encouraged all to attend.

Steve Steps mentioned the 4th Annual All Miniature Rose Show and noted that he had cards with the date and place.


Sunday, September 29, Norman King Center, Vallejo California. Alice Affleck, Chairperson

Alice noted it will be a full District Rose Show and Business Meeting with District Show awards in the afternoon. There will be a program in the morning for those who will not be clerking or judging the rose show.


Spring 2003 - Golden Gate Rose Society at Golden Gate Park


Earl Parsons suggested changing the name of the Spring Business meeting to "Spring Social Meeting." He said that several Societies not centrally located don't want to come that far for a one-day business meeting. He suggested changing the name and perhaps extending it to a two-day meeting. After some discussion it was recommend that the topic be referred to the Executive Committee.

On a motion and second, it was unanimously approved to direct the Executive Committee of the NCNH District to develop a concept of a "social" meeting. .


Spring 2004 - East Bay Rose Society

On a motion and second the bid of EBRS was accepted for the Spring 2004 Business Meeting.


The Spring Business Meeting of the NCNH District was adjourned at 12:30 p.m.

Following adjournment the NCNH District held a workshop for Judges and Exhibitors on Staging National Challenge Classes presented by Dr. Tommy Cairns, President American Rose Society.

Respectfully Submitted,

Carol Burek
NCNH Secretary

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Posted: March 19, 2002
© 2005, The NCNH District