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Of the American Rose Society

Minutes of the Spring Business Meeting
March 12, 2005
Redding, CA
Host Society - Shasta Rose Society

CALL TO ORDER, Jolene Adams, District Director

The meeting was called to order at 9:09 am.

WELCOME, Dean Davis, Shasta Rose Society President

ROLL CALL OF SOCIETIES, Judy Jones, Secretary

All societies were represented except: Lodi-Woodbridge, Mendocino, Peninsula, and Stockton.

MINUTES OF THE FALL 2004 MEETING, Judy Jones, Secretary

Betty Ann Cassina moved that the minutes from the Fall 2004 Business Meeting be approved as written and posted on the web. Dean Davis seconded. The motion passed to approve the minutes as written.

TREASURER'S REPORT, Ken Jones, Treasurer

The treasurer’s reports for 2004 Year End, the Trophy Fund, and the Klima Fund, were distributed and presented. The proposed budget for 2005 was presented. Elsina Dean made the motion to accept the treasurer’s report and the Proposed budget. Pat Hamilton seconded and the motion passed.
Trophy Fund

DISTRICT DIRECTOR'S REPORT, Jolene Adams, District Director

Elsina Dean has been appointed to replace Joel Mattox as District Chair of Consulting Rosarians. Joel had to resign due to job pressures.

Rose Day America, April 30, 2005. Two presentations will be given at 10am and 1pm at each Lowe’s Store. The advertisement for Rose Day America will be handled by Lowe’s. Brochures will be sent to the individual stores. Bayer has printed these and written the script for growing good roses. Each presenter is to use the script according to their own presentation style and comfort with the information. If you do not agree with the material supplied or do not want to use it – just do not mention the item. Bayer will be handing out samples to the first 25 people who are there. Store managers are going to be planning for their set up ahead of time .Presenters can go to the store and see the layout before their presentation on April 30.

All stores are covered except for 5 in the district – Merced, Clovis, Honolulu, Kahalui, Modesto, and Carson City.

Klima Center – We received the award for the highest amount of contributions from a District and received a prime place for a District Rose Garden, right at the entrance gate. Many societies have sponsored roses for the garden. If a society wants to sponsor a rose for the garden they may contact Jolene. There is no cost for sponsoring a rose, as the roses were donated for the NCNH Garden.

Triennial Ratings of roses, which is an adjustment for the rating of older roses, is to be done now. The form is on the ARS website. CRs will receive a packet in the mail and are encouraged to complete the form for any roses they are familiar with. All rosarians are encouraged to complete the form. The deadline is April 30.

Mini-flora roses must be shown in their own classes with separate awards for district and national shows. This applies to the horticultural entries, bowls, and arrangements. At the local level it is up to the societies to decide to handle the mini-flora roses separately or continue to keep them under the miniature rose category. The new Mini-flora chapter of the judging guidelines is online.

Fragrant rose class if judged by ARS judges and given an ARS Fragrance Certificate, must have 70% on fragrance and 30% on form. If the local society does not want to conform to this it can judge according to it’s own standards and give a local, not ARS, award.

The Spring ARS Meeting is in Shreveport – April 14 is deadline for reservations. The hotel cost is lowered to $89.

Logo design contest – Logos submitted will be on the website and votes will be tallied and the winner announced at the Fall meeting.


EDUCATION, Dean Davis -

Horticultural Judges – Beverly Rose Hopper submitted her report to Dean Davis who read the report.

The Judging Seminar for 2004, held during the NCNH Conference in Sacramento had over 64 registrants. The seminar focused on the newly revised “Guidelines and Rules for Judging Roses”, and changes to the mini-flora class. Co-presenter was Dr. Tommy Cairns. Exhibitors, judges, and those preparing show schedules should buy the new judging book as there are many changes.

Apprentice Judges who received Accreditation in 2004 are Bill Reynolds, Jack Fitzgerald, Lynne Schweissinger, and Helen Zawlik-Moyot.

All Judges should complete the Horticultural Judge’s Report Form, which is available on the District web page, by April 1. Make your nominations for the Outstanding Judge for 2005. Tom Bonfigli, Outstanding Judge for 2004 will have his name included in the next American Rose Magazine since it was omitted from the last list.

A Judge’s Seminar on Shrubs will be held in San Jose in September. The tentative date is Saturday, September 17. A Horticultural Judges’s School will be held in 2006.


Dean Davis reported on the CR school in Jackson, on March 19. Registration at the door is acceptable.

Schools to be given: Lodi Woodbridge is going to have a school. Tommy Cairns and Luis Desamero will give a school in Hawaii. The Fall Conference in Marin will have a 2 point seminar this fall. Individual Rose Societies are encouraged to have local level seminars. These can be worth up to two points.

The CR list and recertification points are on the District web site.

Master Rosarian awards were given for the first time. Thirteen awards were given to: Alice Affleck, Baldo Villegas, Barbara Gordon, Beverly Rose Hopper, Muriel Humenick, Dr. John Shaw, Linda and Ted Burg, Gail Trimble, Tom Bonfigli, Susan Turk, Jerry Crumrine and Nanette Londeree. New nominations are now open. Nominees must have been a CR for 10 years.

Jolene presented the CR Emeritus awards to Mark Mintz, MDRS, Bernice Jenson, Marin and Redwood Empire, Marilyn Butts, Fresno, Jerry Scoville, Redwood Empire, and Bill Chaney, Monterey.


Corrections and changes to the judges guidelines were highlighted and a sample arrangement schedule for a show was given out.

Workshop in Sacramento was successful and enjoyed by all.

A retreat for Arrangement Judges is planned, input is solicited.

Arrangement Judges are asked to fill out the annual report for 2004, ASAP. This will be used to help select the top arrangement judge for 2004.

THE CRITERION, Linda and Ted Burg, Editors

They reported that they need more articles from CR’s and local members for The Criterion. General garden or growing techniques are good topics. “What to do in the garden now” is not good topic material, as the time has passed by the time the article is published.

Subscriptions last year totaled 191 paid subscriptions. Doug Durham donated $50 for gifts samples to societies.

This year there are many new subscriptions. Fifty percent of the new subscriptions are attributed to Jolene Adams who has encouraged everyone to subscribe. “The Criterion Box Award” was given to Jolene for outstanding solicitations of new subscriptions to The Criterion.

Alice Affleck, and the Rose Arrangers, were thanked for their articles.

Steve and Diana have bought a 20 year subscription.

MEMBERSHIP, Rosemary Sawyer

It is everyone’s job to welcome and invite others to come to the meetings. Encourage everyone to attend district meetings. There are 1512 ARS members in the district. Encourage ARS Membership.


Histories have all been received except for Monterey, Reno, and San Mateo. Please get these in so they can be put on the website.


We were the top district in the country for RIR Reports. North Bay was the society with the most participants. Marin had the highest number of CR reports. Stockton had the highest % of reports for its size.

The Triennial Survey report can be done on the web or mailed to Alice. This is a check up on the Garden ratings of the roses. CRs must submit reports, but everyone may participate. The District will get a recap on how our district rated each rose.

The new District Directory is available. Delegates were requested to pick up packets as they are heavy and expensive to mail.

DISTRICT TROPHIES, Tom Bonfigli- absent. Jolene reviewed his report.

The Monteleone Perpetual Trophy has been changed from a specimen of Mr. Lincoln to: One (1) disbudded specimen of any class, dark or medium red, fragrant rose with exhibition form.


The search for Silver Honor Medal nominees began at the beginning of the year. Only 16 societies have responded with nominations. Information was sent to the Presidents. It was suggested that the information be sent to the Awards Chair, not the President of the society since often a new president is taking over at the time when the information is sent. The Awards Chair for the local society is a three year appointment. Paper nominations are required.

HISTORIAN, Betty Ann Cassina

All societies have turned in their society’s history except Monterey, Reno, and San Mateo.

There were no other committee reports.


Fall 2004 Conference – Kent Duncan, Sacramento RS The Conference lost $4553. There was a shortfall in the income. Kent Duncan took over at the last minute. Communications with district and requirements for seminars were unclear. Lack of sponsors was a problem. Active committee meetings in summer are necessary as well as careful and detailed tracking of money. More than one lead person is recommended.


Fall 2005 Conference – The invitation for the Conference was given by Joan Goff of the hosting Marin Rose Society. The Chairmanship is shared by Joan, Gail Trimble, and Lenore Ruckman. The Theme is "Starry Nights and Roses". Embassy Suites in San Rafael will be the host hotel. Parking, and breakfast are free. Banquet and Rose Show will be open at the same time. Budget is $25,000. A Market Place will be there. Information will be in The Criterion this summer. Dates are Oct. 7-9, 2005. Room cost is $109 for a suite. Registration is on line. No credit cards.


Spring Meeting 2006: March 4, 2006 in Columbia. Host Society is the Golden Sierra Rose Society.
Fall Meeting 2006: October 6-8, 2006 in San Ramon. Host Society is Mount Diablo Rose Society.
Spring Meeting 2007: San Mateo County RS to host. Date TBA
Fall Meeting 2007: Mother Lode RS to host. Date TBA

ARS Meetings 2005:
April 25-29, Shreveport, LA
July 8-10, Indianapolis IN
Sept 29-Oct. 2, Memphis, TN

ARS Meetings 2006:
June 21-27, Seattle, WA
July 21-23, Harrisburg, PA – All-Mini Show and Conference
Oct. 12-16, Dallas, TX

ARS Meetings 2007:
Spring –St. Paul, MN
Sept 12-17, St. Louis, MO

(Suggestion – when publicity is put out, put the name of the city, not just the name of the society.)

Announcement by Dolores Moffat – SF Spring Garden Show. An invitation to exhibit an arrangement was extended. If exhibiting you will be given a ticket to enter the show. Entries are due on Monday morning, Mar. 14, 05.

DISTRICT RAFFLE/ACTION, Dave Coop and Ernie Magill


Meeting was adjourned by Jolene Adams at 11:46 am

Respectfully Submitted,

Judy Jones,
NCNH Secretary

Last updated: 3/7/09
©NCNH District
All Rights Reserved


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