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Of the American Rose Society

Minutes of the Fall Business Meeting
October 5, 2003
Park Plaza Hotel, Oakland, CA

The Fall Business meeting of the Northern California-Nevada-Hawaii District was called to order at 10:00am by Jolene Adams, District Director. A welcome to the business meeting was given by Jolene Adams. Sponsors of the meeting and Chairs of Committees were also thanked. Jolene announced that there would be a change in the agenda with the elections of NCNH Officers following the Directors’ Reports.


There were no delegates from the following Societies: Butte RS, Central Valley RS, Mendocino RS, Mother Lode RS, and the Peninsula RS.


Minutes of the March 2, 2003 were presented and approved as submitted by Carol Burek, Secretary.


The financial statement was distributed by Lenore Ruckman, NCNH Treasurer. She noted that the Expenses and Income presented are correct and that the NCNH is in the black. Expenses since the last report are for Trophies, Consulting Rosarian and Judges Schools, Roses in Review, and the Summer Criterion. Societies remaining unpaid in the Trophy Fund are Central Valley and Santa Clara. The report was approved as submitted.

DISTRICT DIRECTOR'S REPORT - - Jolene Adams, District Director, and Steve Steps, Past District Director, now Regional Director.

Jolene reported on the Washington DC National Meeting.At the National Board Meeting a new Executive Director, Benny Ellerby, was appointed. He is experienced with non-profit organizations and comes highly recommended. He begins January 1, 2004.

There are changes to the CR program. For re-certification you must now earn four (4) points every four years. These may be accrued in the following ways: Attend a National CR Seminar = 4 points; Attend a District CR Seminar = 2 points; Attend a Local CR Seminar = 1or 2 points. Each CR keeps track of his/her own points. Accumulation of points began last year and will continue through the District Director’s term.

Steve gave a snapshot of the past three years and future challenges. He informed us first of the heart attack and subsequent bypass surgery of Tommy Cairns, newly elected President of the World Federation of Rose Societies. There was no damage and he is recovering well.

A concern Steve had at the beginning of his term as NCNH District Director was the handling of the Executive Committee Minutes. Executive Committee items, according to the by-laws, are automatically action items at Board Meetings. These were getting approved in the minutes instead of being action items. This was corrected.

Steve created a new treasurer’s report format to make the report more readable to most members. This was approved by the board.

Board Elections were held. Jolene Adams was elected to the By-laws Committee, and Steve Steps was elected to the Finance Committee and to the Executive Committee.

Future challenges are financial controls, turning around the downswing in membership in ARS, and the Klima Center which needs about $2 million to begin construction. The fund is now at one million dollars.

NCNH District has an extensive list of Awards of Merit. Receiving Awards of Merit for articles were: Joe Truskot, Jim Turner, Dr. Bill Chaney, Dorothy Wall, Rosemary Sawyer, Dr. Lakshmi Sridharan, Joel Mattox, Jolene Adams, Lila Schwartz, Julia A. Matlin, and Dr. James Sproul. Receiving an Award of Merit for the Pamphlet "California’s Central Coast" were Linda and Ted Burg.

Steve concluded by saying that he is proud of the NCNH District which is growing in the number of societies, has stable finances, and is a positive and friendly district.

Before electing the new NCNH Officers to serve with her for the next three years, Jolene introduced her theme for her term as District Director, "Let’s Talk". She invited all questions and concerns and encouraged everyone to communicate with her and the board.

Dolores Moffat, Chair of the Nominating Committee presented the slate of nominees as follows;

Deputy Director -- Ernie Magill
Secretary -- Betty Ann Cassina
Treasurer -- Ken Jones.

Betty Ann Cassina regretfully declined the nomination and placed Judy Jones in nomination for Secretary. She accepted.

There were no nominations from the floor so the nominations were closed. Rose Gilardi made a motion to accept the nominations and cast a unanimous ballot. The motion was seconded and passed. Elected as the new NCNH Officers are:

Deputy Director -- Ernie Magill
Secretary -- Judy Jones
Treasurer -- Ken Jones

Muriel Humenick was nominated for the District Nominations and Awards Chairman. No nominations came from the floor and the nominations were closed. Rosemary Sawyer moved to accept the nomination. It was seconded and passed.

Joe Burek was introduced as the new Parliamentarian.



Rosemary thanked everyone for the honor of serving. The procedures and samples are prepared for Muriel Humenick. Local presidents were reminded to choose their new representatives to this committee now and to convey the names to Muriel. Your own society may know who is on the committee so they can suggest nominees for the NCNH District Silver Medal Award.


Muriel reported that the goal of the committee is education and that that occurred in the CR seminars, the Judging Schools and the Arrangement Schools.

The new Director of Education is Dean Davis.


The Judging Seminars were very successful and attracted between 75-100 registrants at each event.

April 21, 2001, Old Garden Rose Judge’s Seminar, hosted by Mother Lode Rose Society was attended by about 75 which included registrants from PSW.

March 2, 2002, Staging National Challenge Classes Seminar, Hosted by the Marin Rose Society. Speaker was Dr. Tommy Cairns, President of ARS. Registered attendance was 75.

June 28 & 29, 2003, Horticultural Judge’s School, hosted by the Sacramento Rose Society, included lectures, practice exam and evening entertainment on Saturday, and the exam and garden tour on Sunday. All aspects of rose judging were covered. Speakers were Tommy Cairns, Ed Griffith (National Chair of Judges), Beverly Rose Hopper, Tom Bonfigli, Barbara Gordon, and Muriel Humenick. Approximately 100 from NCNH and PSW attended. Nineteen candidates took the judging exam. Of the 18 eligible candidates, 15 passed the exams.

New Apprentice Judges are: James Armstrong, Cynthia Chuang, Karl Dost, Jack Fitzgerald,Colleen Gallagher Jennifer Galli, Dr. Susan Brant Graham (PSW), Barbara Lane-Piert, Lynn Schweissinger, Judy Seppi-Frederick, William Reynolds, and Helen Zawlick-Moyot. Also passing but awaiting final certification from ARS (due to missing paperwork), Marie Hubbell and Karen Mannino (PSW).

Beverly Rose Hopper will continue as Chair of Horticultural Judges.


August 16, 2003 Arrangement Workshop had 24 people attending and making arrangements.

The August 23 & 24, 2003 Arrangement Judging School also had 24 people attending including the 10 accredited judges who were teaching. Eight people took the Arrangement Judges test. Two will not be able to be apprentice judges due to membership problems with ARS. Three also need to take the Horticulture Judges test.

New Apprentice Rose Arrangement Judges are: Perry Aminian (PSW), Cynthia Chuang, Jennifer Galli, Adena Kalal and Marie Hubbell.

A thank you was given to all assisting with all of the schools. Societies were reminded to submit Arrangement Schedules for their Rose Shows to the Chair of Arrangements if they want to give ARS Arrangement Awards.

Dolores Moffat is the new Chair of Arrangement Judges.


Baldo will be moving on to a National Position on the Environmental Committee which has been renamed the IPM Committee. Congratulations. Challenges for the new job include updating the Web IPM istings and information and correcting misgivings about IPM.

He reported on the past six years. Most of the CRs here when he began in 1989 are no longer active. We have 208 CRs. There have been 20 schools which is the top in the nation. NCNH is the model for the nation in school modules. We require a CR Report annually and other districts ask for copies because they are using the form.

In 2001, 40 CRs attended a school at UCD. In 2002, 20 CRs attended a school in Lodi which was also attended by non-CRs to pack the rooms. In 2003 the school in Fairfield was attend by 75 CRs and others; the San Francisco school was attended by 51 certified CRs; and the March school in Hawaii, which was promised for every 3 years, and was led by Steve Jones added two new CRs. All of the 2003 schools were done with a Power Point Presentation.

Bill Reynolds, CR, was not listed in the Criterion.

There are 64 CRs who have not taken a refresher class since 1999. There will be 13 CRs dropped and possibly more. Local CR Coordinators are urged to use the CR list (Baldo had one) to check the CR status of their local CRs. Emeritis status will be offered to some.

Local societies were reminded to appoint a new CR Coordinator and submit the name to Joel Mattox. This is for the 3 year term of the director. If there is no Local Coordinator, the CRs in that society are in jeopardy.

Joel Mattox will be the new Consulting Rosarian Coordinator. He encouraged people to become new CRs and attend the schools. He is excited about the National CR training and the new policies.

- MEMBERSHIP, Michael Devencenzi

The Membership Report was submitted in writing due to Mike’s absence because of health concerns. He reports that we have added another new society to the district, The Woodland Rose Club. We now have 28 societies in the NCNH District. Three new societies have been added during his term and we have lost no societies. Mike thanks all who so actively supported and encouraged the increased membership in our societies and the formation of the new societies.

Muriel Humenick announced that on Nov. 8 at 9am there will be a pruning seminar in the Woodland Rose Gardens and that CRs are needed to assist. Bring your shears and saws.

The new Membership Chair is Rosemary Sawyer.

- CRITERION, Linda and Ted Burg

Linda and Ted will continue as Editors of The Criterion. They encouraged everyone to subscribe to the Gold Medal winning District Newsletter. There are 240 paid subscriptions. Renewal notices were sent out to 30 people and only 10 have renewed. Articles are always needed. Other newsletters have many articles and we need more. Each society should be contributing articles. A CR Corner is going to be implemented and CRs will be "recommended or required" to submit an article during their 3 year term.

Jolene said that each CR coordinator should contribute one article in 3 years. This is to be coordinated in each society by the society CR Coordinator. The articles do not need to be scientific in nature -- only about roses.


Jerry will be continuing as chair.

Jerry maintains a list of all speakers and programs which he gleans from the newsletters of each society. Please send him your newsletters so his list can be current. If you need a speaker, contact him for ideas and names.

He also submits programs and speakers to the District Directory and encourages new programs to be submitted as well as updates or revisions of currently listed programs and speakers. Please send information to him.

- OPERATION R.O.S.E., Dorothy Tyson Patty. No Report

- ROSES IN REVIEW, Alice Affleck

Alice is currently compiling the reports for national. We had an increase in reporters. She is also compiling the district recaps. It is suggested that when these come out, they be given to the local nurseries. Baldo asked if the report could be made available by email. She will see if it can be put into an email format. Thanks to all who participated.


Please send information to Alice as soon as possible. The forms will go out in November. Send corrected emails and all new information. January 22 is the deadline for information to be included in the directory.


No report.
New chair is Earl Parsons.

- NCNH WEB PAGE, Jolene Adams, Gail Trimble

Jolene Adams passed the Web Page Chair to Gail Trimble in May

. Gail announce that the award that she accepted at the Saturday night awards was for 2002 and she presented it to Jolene Adams.

The WEB page has been moved from Yahoo and the new web address is . This was done to save money ($1/month vs $8/month).

The Queen of Sites was awarded to the Pacific SW which has 52 articles on the web. We received the King of Sites and need more articles to improve. Please submit articles and photos. Photos will be returned.

There is a section on the web for the articles receiving the Award of Merit so send them to her. The web also contains show results, the CR list, the Judges list, Coming Events, and the Best Roses in the District list. Her goal is for a larger site of equal or better quality. Go For the Gold and make our site informative for all the world.


Tom will continue as chair.

Tom is taking on the role of engraving for the trophy plates to assure consistency. Remove plates if they can be removed and send them to him. He is planning on evaluating the trophies since some have not been given for a long time. The possibilities are to retire the trophy, reassign it to a new class, or continue it.

- SOCIABILITY, Betty Ann Cassina

Betty Ann is continuing as chair.
She reported that she serves by example and that we are a friendly district.

- THE UNSUNG, Ed Yesan

Ed thanked all for their reports.
New chair is Earl Parsons.

- HISTORIAN, Francesca Mills, absent

No Report.
Betty Ann Cassina is the new chair.


No Report.
Joe Burek is the new chair.

- MEMORIAL FUND, Adena Kalal

Adena reported that three new rose societies were organized during this period, Lake County, Mendocino, and Golden Sierra, and that each of these received $200 startup funds from the Memorial Fund. As these societies mature, they will join the fund by contributing to it. No new funds or donations have been received during the past year. Local societies and individuals were encouraged to contribute funds as a memorial to deceased members or in recognition of living rosarians for service to others.


Jolene reminded all societies that the ARS had sent every society a white binder which contained information about how to run a society and other useful information. This binder was to be passed down from president to president and many societies have not been doing that. Parliamentarian, Dolores Moffat is working on an update of the information to be added to the book. If your society has "lost" the binder, it can be purchased from ARS.


Spring Meeting 2004 - The Mother Lode Society was approved as the host society. The date will be March 20, 2004 in Jackson. Information will be in the Criterion.
Fall Meeting 2004 - The Sacramento Rose Society was approved as the host society.
Spring 2005 - Shasta Rose Society was approved as the host society.
Fall 2005 - The Humbolt Rose Society must put their bid on hold as there are site problems.
Golden Sierra was willing to host a one day fall conference. This was rejected.
Marin Rose Society offered to host the fall conference, subject to their board approval. This would be a three day meeting. This bid was approved.
Spring 2006 - Golden Sierra was approved as host.
Fall 2006 - Mount Diablo Rose Society was approved as first choice host and San Mateo as second choice pending their board and society’s approval.
2007 Conference dates are too far out.

In 2008 the 10th annual All Mini Rose Show will be held. Linda Burg would like San Joaquin Valley to host this as they also hosted the first All Mini Rose Show.


The Fall Business Meeting of the NCNH District was adjourned at 11:40 a.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Judy Jones,
NCNH Secretary

Last updated: 3/7/09
©NCNH District
All Rights Reserved


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