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Of the American Rose Society

Minutes of the Fall Business Meeting
October 9, 2005
Embassy Suites, San Rafael, CA
Host Society - Marin Rose Society

CALL TO ORDER, Jolene Adams, District Director

The meeting was called to order at 8:56 am.

WELCOME, Joan Goff, Marin Rose Society President

ROLL CALL OF SOCIETIES, Judy Jones, Secretary

All societies were represented except: Mendocino, Monterey Bay, Stockton, and Woodland Library.

MINUTES OF THE SPRING 2005 MEETING, Judy Jones, Secretary

Judy Jones posted the minutes of the Spring 2005 Meeting on the Web and distributed them in the packet mailed to each delegate. Betty Ann Cassina moved to accept the minutes as posted. The motion was seconded by Rose Gilardi. The motion was passed to accept the minutes.

TREASURER'S REPORT, Ken Jones, Treasurer

Ken Jones gave the treasurers report. He reported on and explained the new format for the report. The motion to accept the report was made by Dean Davis and seconded my Ann Mansker. Motion was passed.

Trophy Fund

DISTRICT DIRECTOR'S REPORT, Jolene Adams, District Director

State of American Rose Society:

  • ARS is financially solvent, but there is a continual cash flow problem since much of the $6,000,000 in the account is tied up in designated funds. Staff layoffs are only a temporary solution to the problem.

  • The triennial election is in 2006. All societies received a packet to nominate any ARS officer except the President. The Vice President automatically becomes President. The Executive Committee remains the same.

  • Benny Ellerby has resigned. Jim Hering was appointed to temporarily fill the position and also to be nominating chair. Mike Craft, from Shreveport, has been hired to fill the position.

  • The new President Emeritis is Dr. Jim Hering.

  • There is a Klima Award for Education which any ARS member may be nominated to receive. Criteria are based on sustained volunteer service, special scientific contributions, or lifetime achievement. Deadline for nominations is Oct. 31.

  • The Klima building dedication is Oct. 21, 2005, exactly 35 years after the land was deeded to ARS.

  • Modern Roses 12 will come out in about three years.

  • New affinity cards were announced with better benefits. They are through US Bank.

  • The World Federation Meeting is May 11-17 in Osaka, Japan. There will be a rose arrangement program and tour led by Dr Gary Barlow. Attendance will be limited.

  • Marily Young was nominated for WFRS World Rose Award.

  • Washington Park International Test Garden in Oregon has been nominated for the WFRS Garden of Excellence Award.

  • The Arrangement Judging Guidelines are being revised. They have been partially approved pending receipt of an acceptable final draft. New certificates have been added and point scoring is being changed to emphasize creativity.

  • Awards for Outstanding Arrangement Judges will be separate from the Outstanding Horticultural Judge’s Awards.

  • Arrangement Judges will be required to submit an annual report.

  • ARS Membership cards will be coming out.

  • Ed Griffith from Mobile, AL, received the Outstanding Evaluator Award, and the AARS Public Garden Award went to Bellingrath Gardens in Mobile, AL.

  • All ARS Rose Show Certificates will be standardized so that they can all be run through a printer. Blanks will be uniform so that once the computer is set up the same format may be used for all. Colleen Gallagher suggested that the ARS provide a template for the computer. The temporary ugly certificates will be used until they are gone. The size for the new certificates will be the standard paper size of 8.5x11 cut in half.

  • The membership deal of three for $100 is repeated. Local societies may buy these memberships to use for rewards or prizes.

    The raffle was run by Dave Coop, Ernie Magill and Ted Burg. They announced that $627 was brought in today.



    Elsina congratulated Leonore Ruckman for organizing a great CR Seminar. On Nov. 5, 2005, a CR Seminar will be held in Hawaii and also in Lodi. Plans are being made for a CR Seminar in Reno in the spring of 2006. A CR school was confirmed for Woodland in the fall. The January 14th pruning and winter workshop by the Sacramento Rose Society, at Fountain Square in Citrus Heights, will give points to attending CRs.


    Beverly announced that a ballot was used for all district horticultural classes so that all judges were able to vote for first, second, and third places. The Shrubs Seminar was well attended. Presentations were made by Barbara Gordon and Muriel Humenick. The issues surrounding the single rose definitions will be evaluated and clarified. There will be a Judging School held in Vallejo in mid-July, 2006. James Armstrong is a newly accredited judge.

    ARRANGEMENT JUDGES – Dolores Moffat:

    There have been several workshops held which have resulted in an increased balance in the Arrangement Fund. An Arrangement School will be held in the fall of 2006. We are short of Arrangement Judges so encourage members to become Arrangement Judges as well as Horticultural Judges.

    MEMBERSHIP REPORT – Rosemary Sawyer:

    Rosemary invited everyone to the Spring District Meeting, hosted by the Golden Sierra Rose Society, in Columbia’s new social hall. Packets for each society were distributed. Breakfast will be served before the meeting. There are many events in the area for people to enjoy. An ARS Membership Meeting will follow the NCNH Business Meeting.


    The required ARS Membership Meeting will be held after the Spring Business Meeting.

    Local Society Histories still need to be received from Monterey Bay, Reno, and San Mateo.

    The Dobbs Trophy description for singles will reflect the new definition of singles having 4-8 petals.

    District Logo Contest had only 47 votes cast. Since the votes were so close for the two candidate logos, both will be used on an alternating basis and as the style complements the material being imprinted.


    The Executive Committee proposed raising subscriptions rates to The Criterion from $10 to $12. A motion was made from the floor to raise subscription rates to $15. The motion was seconded and passed.

    The District Nominating Committee will be submitting nominations for Deputy Director, Secretary, and Treasurer. Nominations are due at the spring meeting. Committee Members Marianne Jameson, Colleen Gallagher, Dean Davis, Earl Parsons, Karen Mastik, must meet with Joe Burek, Parliamentarian, today. The nomination is also due in the Spring for the ARS nominations and award person, to award ARS silver, award. If you are interested in running for this postion, call Joe Burek.


    NCNH District Spring Meeting 2006: Golden Sierra Rose Society, Columbia - March 4, 2006
    NCNH District Fall Meeting 2006: Mount Diablo Rose Society, San Ramon - October 6-8, 2006

    2006 American Rose Society:
    June 21-27, 2006 - Seattle, WA
    July 21-23, 2006 - Harrisburg, PA
    October 12-16. 2006 - Dallas, TX

    NCNH District Spring Meeting 2007: San Mateo County Rose Society, San Mateo. Date TBA
    NCNH District Fall Meeting 2007: Mother Lode Rose Society, Jackson - October 6-8, 2007

    2007 American Rose Society:
    June 28-July 2, 2007 - St. Paul, MN
    May 4-6, 2007 - All-Miniature Conference and Rose Show
    September 16-20, 2007 - St. Louis, MO

    2008/2009/2010 - All Mini Show possibly here in 2009?

    Eureka is making a provisional bid for 2008 pending completion of the Eureka Inn.

    Give a Christmas gift of an ARS membership to one friend, or 3/$100.


    Meeting was adjourned at 10:30 am

    Respectfully Submitted,

    Judy Jones,
    NCNH Secretary

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